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List with Carisla

Listing with Carisla Private Island Specialists

Carisla is a company specializing in high-life Real Estate. Our creative and strategic approach to execute Luxury Real Estate deals have secured us some of the most expensive properties in the Caribbean. Buying an island or an international property can be demanding, let us help you every step of the way. With Carisla, Gail and her team of international specialist will assist you throughout the buying process for the ease, confidence, and convenience.

Carisla believes that it is absolutely essential for our team to dig their toes deep into the sand of your private island and absorb the full experience the property offers. Not only will we capture all the visual media required to package and showcase your listing, we will create a first-person copyright experience, which will paint the most visual picture for our visitors and prospective buyers.

Features & Benefits c

Gail Despian, a resident of Miami, Florida, and a native of Trinidad and Tobago, enjoys representing and working to promote Islands and Luxury Homes in the Caribbean. She’s created a boutique shopping experience for island and luxury home buyers. There is always something new to discover, to view, and appreciate as she takes her team out on all island listings. Her expertise and experience is well documented on Carisla’s raw footage videos, aerial images, and articles. Gail also works with full permission of ownership, giving her full right to sell and market each property. Her international group is made up of team members dedicated to accommodating international clients.

Carisla’s marketing team is one of the best in the industry. With professional aerial shots, pictures, and new technology software, they are able to showcase your property in ways never done before. Carisla exposes all listings to only major social media outlets. With followers in the millions, you can depend on us securing a buyer. With our online presence we expose properties focusing on both the U.S. and the international affluent market.  With care and respect, we showcase your property, and elegance and class seeking only qualify top minded clients. Your listing will be a search and a click away worldwide. Click here for more information.

Carisla invest in your properties! We believe in putting our money, our work, and time to work for you immediately after listing is acquired. Our travel department will scheduled onsite visits to capture your property’s unique essence and feel. We understand the importance of living it in order to share it, as best communications and relations practices.

Your Opportunity

With Carisla representing your property, you will have a professional team who will be devoted to your needs and wants. We will make every effort to understand your specific situation and work with you. Our approach is always about putting the customer first. Call or send us a note today to discuss your opportunity. Thank you!

List With Us

Pricing a luxury property is sometimes easier said than done. Much analysis and market research go into concluding a final list price. Finding the list price that makes both the seller and buyer happy is our forte.

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