Private Island for Sale -Baliceaux

Located just 4 miles away from the bliss many celebrities call home, Baliceaux Island neighbors the very popular Mustique and Bequia islands. In her majesty, Baliceaux provides a 320 acre canvas that only the acclaimed can mold into their own dream paradise. With the launch of Argyle International Airport in Saint Vincent set to be finalized in the next few years, the Caribbean’s already $49 billion dollar tourism, is set for further economical growth. Baliceaux Island is prepared to be someone’s dream come true.

“Baliceaux Private Island for Sale”][vc_column_text]Name : Baliceaux Island 
Region : The Grenadines
Development : Undeveloped
Type : Private Island
Price : $30 M US 
Status : For Sale
Size : 320 Acres

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