Only a 3-hour flight from Miami, this 32 island-nation is known as the Jewels of the Caribbean, originally inhabited by nomadic Indians and then by the British and the French, St. Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) is now an independent nation in the Caribbean and a tourist destination within the proximity of the US, EU, and Latin America.

A breath taking archipelago in the Eastern Caribbean, SVG has always amazed visitors with its beauty, blue waters, and jaw dropping landscape. The government, democratically elected and constitutional monarchy with Queen Elizabeth II as head of state, favors an investment climate with legislation and incentives in accordance with the Fiscal Incentive Act No.5 of 1982 to encourage investing, development, and tourism.

Culturally, SVG enjoy many festivals throughout the year, such as hottest Carnival in the Caribbean, Mayreau Regatta and Canouan’s Regatta, Bequia’s Music Festival and Mustique’s Blues Festival, to mention a few. With a year-round calendar there is something to do in SVG.

img_2940SVG has several amazing places to visit, Black Point, a 300 feet tunnel developed for exporting sugar by the British around 1815, St. Vincent’s La Soufrière volcano, rises over 4,000 feet, Owia Salt Pond located on the NE coast of St. Vincent and home for many of the indigenous people. The Falls of Baleine, Trinity Falls, Vermont Nature Trail, Tobago Cays, and Fort Charlotte which is located on Bershire Hill and was built by the British in 1806.

Surrounded by oceans, rich farming and agriculture, SVG benefits from a diverse cuisine. Sea food, breadfruit, arrowroot, arrowroot, and produce help create mouthwatering dishes that thrill locals and visitors alike.

SVG’s economy is strong and reliable. The foundation is robust and with continued development to their sea ports, road system, and communications web, a growth heaven. Argyle International Airport is due for completion by summer of 2015 broadening commerce and tourism. SVG is part of CARICOM, the Commonwealth of Nations, the Bolivarian Alliance for the Americas and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States.